The Straits Times Property News Heat Map

The Straits Times Property News Heat Map was conceived by Guest Blogger Centauri78 to track how hot the property market is. The idea is that when the property market is really hot, there will be plenty of news articles about property. In order to test out this hypothesis, Season 1 of the Heat Map was born.

During Season 1, we found that not only did the number of articles tell us how active the market was, the mood of the articles also mirrored how the market actually moved, which, after thinking about it, doesn’t really come as a surprise. However, the added benefit was for the busy people who did not have time to read the papers to at least have a summary of the headlines for the week. Our hope was that our readers will then go on to read the articles that were interesting to them. After all, having information really is important for decision-making in investing.

We have now started Season 2 of the Heat Map. Please check back every week for an update on the headlines of the week!

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