The Straits Times: S’pore property market shows resilience

Have a read of the article out today in The Straits Times.

In a nutshell, for someone interested in property as an investment, there are 3 main takeaways:

1. Rentals are seasonal. If you’re planning to rent your property out to expats, April and May (or more accurately the couple of months after that) are crucial months;

2. The rental market is still firm for now. However, there seems to be somewhat of a temporary bootstrapping effect, with rents supporting prices and prices supporting rents; and perhaps most importantly

3. Expat packages are waning. Increasingly, expats are now being localised with little or no housing allowances.

You’ll have to draw your own conclusions about what this means for you, but this information certainly helps to steer my investment decisions…

The Singapore Bay Window Phenomena

I love to lie on my belly to read. And as a young child growing up in England, I used to imagine that my dream home would have a lovely bay window looking out to a sprawling garden, with colorful cushions and loads of natural sunlight streaming in. I would picture myself nestled there, enjoying a good book.

The kind of bay windows I grew up with. (Image courtesy of

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