Holland Village (Part 1)

Ok, I’ll start by saying my views are slightly biased as I’ve frequented Holland Village ever since I was a pinafore-wearing RGS girl in the 90s. Besides a brief 2-year stay along East Coast Road when I first arrived in Singapore, I have always lived within 5-15 minutes drive of Holland Village. (If you’ve lived in Singapore long enough, you’ll find that for a country this tiny, people are oddly attached to their districts… An “Eastie” from Siglap/Katong/Tampines etc will rarely ever willingly shift to the West, and likewise a “Westie” will rarely venture East unless they need to head to the airport!)

I’ve been meaning to pen a guide to navigating the Holland Village enclave for some time, but kept putting it off as there’s just so much to say about the place! So I shall end the inertia by starting with a “Part 1” first! Continue reading “Holland Village (Part 1)”