Press Release: CapitaLand Group to relocate to Westgate Tower in 2015

CapitaLand Group to relocate to Westgate Tower in 2015

Westgate targets to meet BCA Green Mark Platinum and Universal Design standards

Singapore, 14 August 2012 – CapitaLand Limited today announced that the CapitaLand Group will relocate to Westgate Tower progressively from early 2015. The Group will occupy 11 floors, a total of about 160,000 square feet (sq ft) of the new 20-storey prime office tower. The relocation will further enhance staff interaction and sense of belonging and provide for a holistic sustainable workplace so that it becomes more productive for all. This centralised destination for “work, live and play” will strongly motivate and integrate the Group as one united family-like organisation.
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Transformations: The Jurong Lake District

If you haven’t heard of the Jurong Lake District, you probably don’t know that there are exciting things afoot in this part of the woods. Jurong has been known to be the boondocks of Singapore, an industrial area with not much in the way of lifestyle and entertainment. Even with Jurong Point, one of the biggest heartland malls, that image hasn’t really changed much. Talk about Jurong, and most property investors will switch off, most Easties will give blank looks, and even self-professed Westies may give you dirty looks if you talk to them about Jurong. Yes, it’s really THAT unexciting, BUT all this is poised to change with the development of the new Lake District. In case you’re thinking that this is something new, the Jurong Lake District project has been mooted since the 1991 Concept Plan, but was only fleshed out in the 2008 Master Plan. So to bring you up to speed, here is a comprehensive guide to the transformation of boring old Jurong into the exciting new Jurong Lake District.

Let’s start by going to the official URA website:

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