The importance of having an exit strategy

Since my post touching on freehold versus leasehold, I’ve had a couple of enquiries on investing in certain leasehold developments with what I’d term “enbloc aspirations”. I’m not going to go into a full-blown post on enbloc today, let’s just say that developers’ primary duty is to make profits for their shareholders. They will only pay to enbloc owners a price that makes economic sense to them, so make sure your buy-in price is a good margin below that, else it’s not worth the effort and uncertainty of waiting out for an enbloc.

Moving on, I’d like to do a little post on planning your exit strategy instead. As any seasoned entrepreneur will tell you, you must have an exit strategy if you intend to make any serious money. The other thing to bear in mind? Always, always have a Plan B for when things don’t immediately run in your favour. Continue reading “The importance of having an exit strategy”