Property Showcase: Parvis @ Holland Hill

Parvis Site Plan

Development Name: Parvis (pronounced par-vee, though most refer to it as par-vis, yours truly included)
District 10, Freehold
Developer: Ho Bee Group & MCL Land
Address: 12/16/18 Holland Hill ( 3 blocks of 12 floors)

• 2-Bedroom (51 units): 990 – 1,440 sq ft
• 3-Bedroom (100 units): 1,700 – 2,260 sq ft
• 4-Bedroom (76 units): 1990 – 2,600 sq ft
• Penthouse (21 units): 2,300 -3,230 sq ft

Set atop Holland Hill, my first grouse was that vehicular access was only via Farrer Road, from the Queensway side, however my grumbles were soon forgotten once I reached the sprawling 246,000 square foot grounds.

You’ll notice the difference from the minute you hit the driveway, firstly the concierge front-desk to the left as you enter. A concept first made popular by SC Global with their flagship project The Marq, it’s now practically a standard for all luxury developments around the Orchard area, but something considerably rarer in the Holland area. Secondly, the basement carpark – 273 parking lots for 248 apartments – each generously-sized, and no narrow, awkward corners where you might scratch your beloved vehicle. The basement carpark is also unlike your usual depressingly dark and stuffy basement carpark. It actually feels rather bright and breezy thanks to good ventilation, and the modern sculptures placed at various spots are a welcome touch, breaking up the monotony of a space more known for function than form.
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Holland Village (Part 1)

Ok, I’ll start by saying my views are slightly biased as I’ve frequented Holland Village ever since I was a pinafore-wearing RGS girl in the 90s. Besides a brief 2-year stay along East Coast Road when I first arrived in Singapore, I have always lived within 5-15 minutes drive of Holland Village. (If you’ve lived in Singapore long enough, you’ll find that for a country this tiny, people are oddly attached to their districts… An “Eastie” from Siglap/Katong/Tampines etc will rarely ever willingly shift to the West, and likewise a “Westie” will rarely venture East unless they need to head to the airport!)

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