It’s looking good for my prediction…

By Centauri78

Dear readers,

Not sure if anyone is still following the prediction, but it’s looking really good for me from where I stand. Let’s take a look at the latest URA PPI figures:

                                      Price Index
1Q/12 4Q/12 4Q/13 4Q/14 1Q/15 2Q/15
All Residential 147.2 151.5 153.2 147.0 145.5 144.2
Landed Property 171.2 177.0 177.1 167.6 166.1 164.4
Non-Landed Property 141.0 144.8 147.6 142.5 140.9 139.8

The figures have changed since the last update due to the change in the methodology that URA uses to calculate the PPI. Most significantly, they have re-based the index to 2009 from 1998. For congruence, I have recalculated the PPI figures back to 1Q 2012. They have also stopped issuing figures for different sub-categories of housing.

As you can see, up to June 2015, the index has fallen a MASSIVE 2% from our base period 1Q12. Hardly the 30 – 50% fall that was envisioned by the forumer. Unless something drastic happens in the next 6 months, my crystal ball prediction is looking pretty safe. Yay!

Join me again early next year for my victory lap!

Centauri78 is not a licensed financial advisor. The information contained here is purely personal opinion, and whilst I make every attempt to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information, this information should not be relied upon as a substitute for formal advice or as basis for investment.

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